Manchester, United Kingdom
MAHSC Honorary Clinical Professor
The University of Manchester
Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Tuesday, November 19, 2024
DEBATE: Patient Survival After EVAR Was NOT Improved By Compliance With Surveillance Protocols: The EVAR Surveillance Paradox: From A Systematic Meta-Analysis: What Is The Explanation
1:18 PM - 1:23 PM
Why EVAR Should Be Preferred Over Open Repair In Young Patients With Suitable Anatomy: From A Meta-Analysis Of >50,000 Patients
2:18 PM - 2:23 PM
Wednesday, November 20, 2024
EVAR Patients On Anticoagulation Have Increased Mortality, Endoleaks, Sac Expansion And Reinterventions: From A Meta-Analysis Of >35,000 Patients
1:18 PM - 1:23 PM
Saturday, November 23, 2024
Outcomes Of EVAR In Over 18,000 High-Risk Patients Ineligible For Open Repair: When Is EVAR Justified Over No Intervention In Such Patients: Why Is EVAR 2 No Longer Relevant
10:00 AM - 10:05 AM
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